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We could have named this group anything. We could have been original, but what we "could have done" means nothing. What matters is what we did. We named our group ABC because at the moment of inception, we are 35,700,000 strong (see above). We did not waste our time coming up with an original name because originality is dead, and names are meaningless. The purpose of a name is for recognition, but we do not exist to be recognized; we exist because we can. ABC is as simple as you can get; it is basic to the point of stupidity, banal to the point of boredom, but brutal as a brick through a window, and sharper than the resulting broken glass. ABC is what we make, and what you make of it.
change log:  
2005-06-22-2338 ultra rare previously unreleased live new brutalism video - click here! (windoze media 9.37MB)
2005-05-29-0241 more mp3 samples and a couple of full songs added
2005-05-25-2159 ABC Documentation updated.
2005-05-15-0244 New Brutalism and Basford Industries divisions are currently being modified. They will be uploaded soon.
2005-02-08-1218 New colors, fonts and images. Yipee!!!
2005-02-07-0107 OK, so there isn't much here yet. Only the "ABC Documentation" link works. Give me a fucking break. I'm doing this for free.

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